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SOTW #339 Winner - Tvery !!!

Congratulations ::):

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Enjoy your award and 500 points
Congratulations to Tvery for winning this week.


Lol thanks! kinda unreal feeling, i winned sotw in pimped pixels for first time! haha ;D kinda improving i think. i was thinking i would never win when in sotw joined so much and awesome artists. ;D thanks all for votes also! :bunny: it's christmas time! im feeling like Alonso in Renault Mc laren who winned Hamilton in Mercedes - AMG Petronas car.


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Amazing piece, nice work T., cognratz

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Congrats buddy ,well earned ::): kiu
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Muy bien. Este te saliĆ³ redondo

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Gratz Bro!

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Congratz T. Well done :bravo:

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Gratz T, best piece yet from you mate, well earnt
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