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SOTW #369 Voting !!

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Congratulations to Kurisu for winning this weeks SOTW.


Congratz Kurisu :)

Congratz mate!

Gratz mate like this one, a little different in term of perspective and size, more traditional compo, stick with this it works :)
Well done :)

Thanks guys :)


And to SGTROCK - I'm trying to use a style that is uniquely mine and is 100% mine. I do like this kind of traditional composition a lot, but I think it is very messy and it is a one off that I won this week's SOTW (I think Rod should have won it). So, I am doing a lot of experimenting with different compositions and styles and effects in the effort to bring some omph to my current style and take bits and pieces of what I learn from the different styles that I do. I have been stuck on Solid/High Mod (I don't really remember) on Tagfreak for over 4 months and one tip that the classers gave me is to find a style that is mine and originated by me by exploring different compositions so  that I can escape from being a prospect of the next Tagfreak staylord and finally delve into the treaches of the Inter class :)

grats kuurisuuu
Mar 02 2018 10:12 PM

Congratz Kurisu!!!!


Again... winner winner chicken dinner!  :thumbsup:

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