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Welcome to Pimped Pixels!!!

Pimped Pixels was founded in 2010 by Maniak, Asura, Cliffbuck and Evilangel. A group of friends with a passion for art and a need to help others by sharing. The site started with just the four and gradually grew to a community of over 1000 members in a short while. All the time adding new and fresh ideas to keep things interesting and worth visiting.
When the doors were opened on October 2010 breaths were held, the site would either flourish or crash and burn, which a lot others have in the past, luckily word got out and the forum exploded into action bringing in more than 100 members daily. Each bringing their own style, tastes and resources.
Anyone is welcome here, from complete beginners to all out professionals, we have something for everyone.
Our aim is to give everyone with the "bug" a place to learn, make friends and share their passion.
Pimped Pixels would be nothing without our dedicated and art obsessed members!

- - - - -

SOTW #310 Winner - Kiasma !!!

Congratulations ::):

Posted Image

Theme - Freestyle
Enjoy your award and 500 points
Congratulations to Kiasma for winning this week.



Hey ! Congrats' on your very first win, well deserved :D

HaloReach 2 photo animated_star_4.gif
Dec 12 2016 11:10 AM


Gratz mate well deserved:)

My first win : I'm so glad ! :teehee: 

Thanks all, for voting for my work ! ♥

Very nice job.  Congratulations.

Awesome job mate! And Congrats on your first win. :D

Dec 13 2016 08:45 PM
Congratz Kiasma (Y)

Congratulations Kiasma. Awesome work :bravo:

SOTW #327 Winners!

Congratulations to Madz for winning this week!

MABC #28 Winner!

Congratulations to Maniak for winning this week!

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